Working Group on Mediterranean Ophiolites - Winter Meeting - University of Genova, February 1, 2024


GLOM2024 Meeting Program

‘Gruppo di Lavoro sulle Ofioliti Mediterranee’
1st February 2024, DISTAV, University of Genova 

10:00-10:10 - Welcome
10:10-11:10 - Scientific communications - Chairperson: E. Rampone

10:10-10:30 D. Mariani (UNIPV): ‘Evidence for involvement of mantle melts with different
compositions in the building of the lower Mafic Complex (Ivrea-Verbano Zone)’
10:30-10:50 C.F. Crotti (UNIMI): ‘Refertilization of oceanic mantle via EMORB-like melt and
peridotite interaction: An experimental study at 1-2 GPa’
10:50-11:10 S. Scarani (UNIPV): ‘‘Secondary’ oceanic lherzolites hide mantle chemical depletion’

11:10-11:40 - Coffee break

11:40-13:00 - Scientific communications - Chairperson: M. Scambelluri
11:40-12:00 A. Montanini (UNIPR): ‘New geochemical and age constraints (40Ar/39Ar and U-Pb)
on forearc intrusive rocks from the New Caledonia Ophiolite (SW Pacific): Diversity of melts
generated at hot subduction inception’
12:00-12:20 C. Battifora (UNIGE): ‘Microstructural and geochemical evidence of melt impregnation
and intrusion at plagioclase facies conditions in the Oman upper mantle harzburgite (Wadi Tayin
12:20-13:00 KENOTE - J. Koepke (Uni Hannover): ‘How fast-spreading oceanic crust is created:
Benefits from large- and small-scale sampling in the Oman ophiolite’

13:00-14:10 – Lunch break

14:10-16:10 - Scientific communications - Chairperson: L. Crispini and C. Ferrando
14:10-14:30 V. Basch (IGG-CNR Pavia, UNIPV): ‘The Mado megamullion Oceanic Core Complex
(Shikoku Basin): a window into the back-arc oceanic lithosphere’
14:30-14:50 E. Barbero (IGG-CNR, Torino): ‘The journey of the Band-E-Zeyarat Ophiolite
(Makran accretionary wedge, SE Iran) from the mid-ocean ridge to the accretionary complex: new
insights from its sedimentary cover’
14:50-15:10 L. Federico (UNIGE): ‘Fluid-assisted deformations in a tectonic mélange within the
HP-metaophiolitic Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps)’
15:10-15:30 S. Cacciari (UNIPD): ‘Fluid-rock interaction in eclogite-facies meta-peridotite (Erro-
Tobbio Unit, Ligurian Alps, Italy)’
15:30-15:50 F. Gianoglio (UNIGE): ‘Evaluating potential toxic elements in ophiolitic sequence from
Beigua UNESCO Global Geopark (Liguria, Italy): A tool for a proper geoheritage management’
15:50-16:10 V. Indelicato (IUSS Pavia, UNICT): ‘State-of-the-art of naturally occurring asbestos in the ophiolitic sequences of Calabria and Basilicata regions, Southern Italy’

16:10-16:40 - Assemblea G.L.O.M.

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